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Pour yourself a cup of tea and pull up a chair. This is a friendly place for anyone that wants to escape the rat race and pursue their passion, and anyone already doing just that! Within The Freelance Lifestyle, you will find articles, resources and discussions on all areas of freelancing.

It’s the place to talk about how to start out as a freelancer and how to enjoy freedom, choice and passion in your work.

The Freelance Lifestyle is a supportive community for YOU! Have a look around, feel free to ask questions and get involved.


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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

What will I find on The Freelance Lifestyle?

The Freelance Lifestyle is packed full of information about freelancing, tips and tricks from other self-employed types and a bundle of truth bombs. Freelancing isn’t easy, but it’s pretty amazing having the freedom to choose who you work with, what projects you take on and where you work.

Not sure where to start? Browse through our latest posts, listen to The Freelancer’s Tea Break Podcasts and read about other freelancers’ experiences.

You’ll learn about:

  • How to find clients

  • How to network

  • How to improve your productivity

  • How to deal with difficult clients

  • How to outsource work

  • Much, much more!

Hey, what if I’m not freelance yet?

I’ve got an e-course just for you! 

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If you want to break out of the confines of the corporate rat race, and do something that truly excites, join me for the 30 Day Freelance Lifestyle E-Course!

Who runs The Freelance Lifestyle?

The Freelance Lifestyle is brought to you by The Freelance Lifestyle Coach, Emma Cossey, a freelance writer, business trainer and social media consultant.

I started out freelancing six years ago, and has been through all the ups and downs of self-employment, whether that involved chasing payments, braving networking events as an introvert or developing something close to a work/life balance. The trouble with being self-employed is that you can feel a little lonely and lost at times. The Freelance Lifestyle was launched to help those of us who choose to be our own boss but don’t want to do it all alone! Emma Cossey


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