Things to do when the Internet is down

Things to do when the internet is down infographic

My method of choice is to have an irrational tech tantrum. I’ve spent a large part of the last couple of weeks doing just that.

(Infographic via The Fancy)

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  • AMy McDonald

    i am one hundred percent positive that you have become my personal hero just by posting this.

  • liloo

    i love the yelling as your provider bit. aww, i hope you get your internet back on soon. i really feel almost disabled without internet access

  • Dave Aronson

    Cute! One thing though… that thing next to the person in “complain to your local congressman” looks like a UK-style mailbox. Wouldn’t it be “local council” or MP or some such? is what a US mailbox looks like. They’re typically about four feet (about 1.2m) tall.