The Three Minute Freelance Podcast: A freelancer’s worst enemy

This week’s podcast is all about identifying who a freelancer’s worst enemy is. It’s not, as you might suspect, a frustrating client, dodgy broadband connection or friends/family who don’t understand freelancing.

Have a listen to see who your worst freelancing enemy is…

(You can also listen by clicking on this link - A freelancer’s worst enemy)

How do you deal with your freelancing enemy?

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  • Catherine

    I am guilty of all the bad habits you mentioned. I am also constantly checking emails when I am supposed to be not working ( which means I never really relax) my email stopped working on my phone today which was actually  nice as I was spending the day with my daughter – and nothing happened that I could not deal with later.

    • EmmaCossey

      Thanks for your comment! I’ve actually got a guest post about emails you might like coming up next week. I’m awful for emails though, first and last thing I check at night.